Documents & Evidences

The Marcoses met an avalanche of cases after the ouster of Apo Macoy. Various allegations were thrown to them. From their alleged masterminding and involvement in human rights violations and procurement of ill-gotten wealth to the issues on the veracity of the medals and documents bestowed on the banished family, disgrace followed them after their exile.  Imelda led the family in the court battles. Without Ferdinand on her side there still was a certain implication of admiring confidence in her personality.  She openly, frankly, and legitimately faced all the charges. Almost a thousand of cases faced and the results went to their favor.  This portion is devoted to show the documents containing the fabrics of the facts about almost every allegation.  It presents the solidifying substances for the Marcoses’ innocence and/or acquittal.  Some of these are screaming for recognition for they were ignored or were tried to be buried. If the bare facts were to be studied, the truth about the Marcoses will prevail.  Let the following leaves unequivocally speak for themselves.  Each piece of evidence has a truth begirt with fire that would consume conjectures heaped upon the family.