etamorphosis-sep22-1Perhaps there’s no other woman in Philippine politics as colorful as Imelda Remedios Visitacion Romualdez Marcos. As the widow of the most maligned yet the arguably smartest president the Philippines ever had, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, we expect Madame Imelda’s life to be as highly publicized. True enough, throughout her life, she has been a staple topic of discussion by critics, journalists, fashionistas, socialites and even historians.

Like her husband, she had been both a darling of key personalities in the country and abroad and a target of the most acerbic criticisms and ridicule ever thrown to a former first lady and currently as a duly elected politician.

Yet despite all these criticisms, Madame Marcos is undoubtedly a paragon of courage and determination. From being a beauty queen turned First Lady, Philippine ambassador, and Metro Manila governor, she was evicted by the very people who once adored her. But her exile never doused her passion for becoming a public servant once more.

After years of anguish and torment from being exiled in Hawaii, she returned to her homeland to fulfill her mission. Amid the innumerable cases of corruption and misdemeanor slapped against her, she is still doing her best to serve her country as a member of the Lower House.

The following pages showcase and reveal the still ongoing metamorphosis of the life of the Rose of Tacloban, the Iron Butterfly, the First Lady, and now the Honorable Representative of the First District of Ilocos Norte—Madame Imelda Romualdez Marcos.


Irene Marcos-Araneta

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