Major Projects

“In the end, Ferdinand Marcos would always be remembered as the GREATEST President of the Philippines.”

“Even the combined achievement of his successors could not equal even a quarter of his achievements.”



The National Highways

The Philippine National Highway from the North to South and From East to West. President Ferdinand E. Marcos has built ...
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A Great Democrat

BARANGAY THE SMALLEST POLITICAL UNIT On September 21, 1974, Pres. Marcos issued Presidential Decree 557 declaring all barrios in the ...
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Literacy program

During the Marcos years when the Philippines was one of the most Literate in Asia. EDUCATIONAL REFORM The Marcos administration ...
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Program of Survival

BLOODLESS REVOLUTION (The Battle against starvation) Instead of engaging in guns and amunitions, then President Marcos fought the battle against ...
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National Telecommunication System   The Marcos administration established a nationwide telecommunication system which covers telephone systems, telex exchange toll centers, ...
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INFRASTRUCTURE GROWTH Records show that the Marcos administration built more roads, bridges and irrigation facilities during its first four years ...
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Alternative Energy

ENERGY SELF-RELIANCE The advent of the energy crisis 1973 spurred an energy self-reliance program that steadily reduced the country's near ...
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Health Services

PRIMARY HEALTH CARE Health Center in every Barangay, all over the country. Guided by the egalitarian principles that have come ...
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Housing Projects

Housing and Resettlement Program Housing for the Masses Special priority was given to a nationwide housing program using the integrated ...
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Livelihood Program

Livelihood Training Program In 1981, the Marcos administration  was able to set up a national program designed to democratize income-generating ...
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Ecological Balance

Long before people become aware of the increasing perils of environmental degradation to national development, the First Lady envisioned and ...
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For 20 years that he managed the affairs of the country as President, indisputably, the Philippines, at that time, emerged as one of the most politically stable countries in the Southeast Asia.  Insurgency was dissipated, separatist movement, crippled, leftists neutralized, and the strong economic performance of the country gained its reputation as one of Southeast Asia’s more developed ‘developing’ economies, international reserves quadrupled, and more importantly, the Filipinos lived in prosperity, with dignity and pride.

But despite these tremendous achievements, Pres. Marcos up to these days, is denied of the honors due him.  The disgruntled continues to lambast him with discouraging and abominating issues not to his own doing in an attempt to erase him from the history of the Philippine politics.  This, perhaps, is because of the fear of comparison.

He was accused of draining the coffers of the country when, in fact, his personal assets were much more than the total expenditures of the country during his 20 years of leadership.  Allegations which, even after his death remain unproven, even in international courts.

The greatest moment in the life of Marcos was EDSA1- the time when he acted no longer as President and Commander of the Armed Forces.  With the rule of the Natural Law, his ‘anima’ made him behave as a mother of the nation with endless and selfless love for his country and people- he preferred to leave his position rather than see bloodshed.

Time has passed.  He has been dead for a decade, yet, his spirit lives on.  Those who believed in his brilliance and achievements regard him.

“The Greatest president the country ever had”




Mothering Centers

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