Mothering Centers


Strategically located at every Municipal hall/town.

A 24 hours a day, 7 days a week assistance and action center for everyone.

It will cater every needs of anyone who need assistance like, emergency medical services (ambulance, child delivery, accidents and others), police assistance, fire, crime report, legal assistance, employment, government information, education, announcement (missing person), training program and livelihood, and many more.

Equipped with state of the art technology and equipment, every municipality will be connected to each other via internet system.  Loaded with all the information and database needed for everyone.  With the use of telephone, cellphone, text (sms) hotline numbers, everyone can easily access and send any information and assistance needed.


• 24hrs Emergency Assistance Center

– police       – disaster   – fire

– medical   – accident

• 24hrs Action and Information Center

– electronic billboard system (latest news update, events, announcement, warnings, and other information)

– government information referral system.

– education, employment, medical, legal assistance and other government concern.

• E-learning center

– distant electronic learning for elementary, high school, out of school youth and for everyone.

• Livelihood and training center

– livelihood training for everyone.

– vocational and short training program for employment.

Major Projects
Projects and Programs

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