Asian Center for Social Welfare


The Philippines is the site of the Asian Center for Social Welfare based on the decision of the First Asian Conference of Ministers Responsible for Social Welfare in 1970.  The major objective of the Center is to provide a program of activities focused primarily around training and research in social welfare and social development and the production of social work literature based on a system of priorities relevant to the needs of the Asian region.  In general, the Center helps promote further social welfare programs in close relation to development needs.  At the same time the Center serves as a forum and focal point for the short-term training for key social welfare and social development personnel in Asia with a view in mind of training trainers.  Imelda Marcos worked for the upgrading of social work into a full profession and the creation of the Development of Social Welfare from a mere government agency.  It is now known as the Ministry of Social Services and Development.

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