Provincial Housing Projects


BLISS settlements under way in various parts of the country.  Zamboanga, Santa Barbara, Pangasinan, Tabaco, Albay, Initao, Cebu, and Burgos, Ilocos Norte.

In THe first year of BLISS, work begun on 346 Level-I communities, with shelter systems and other physical infrastructure targeted for completion within a year.  Bringing benefits to half a million households at the end of the period.





The Level-I BLISS model was Trianggulo Uno, once the poorest neighborhood in Mrs. Marcos’ own home town of Tolosa.  None of the 50 houses in the district had potable water of electricity.  At Mrs. Marcos’ suggestion, the National Housing Authority set about to transform the district into a model settlement, using the site-and-services approach.  Community facilities were laid- power lines, a sanitary water system, drainage, roads and pathways, open spaces, a community service center, a communal compost pit.




Barrio Suba with 150 families is the Level-II Bliss model, originally the pilot project for a community-rebuilding program in the barrios around Paoay Lake.  As such, both President and Mrs. Marcos took personal interest in its progress.  Development proceeded as in Tolosa, with the National Housing Authority as lead agency.  But with its size and resources, Suba was geared for crop farming, livestock raising, fishing and agro-based industries on a commercial scale.



The first of the rural BLISS sites to be completed was Purok Madera Imelda in barrio Tadlac, Los Baños, 60 kms. from Manila.  A fishing community along Laguna lake, its new houses are built on stilts and connected to each other by raised walk ways, since most of the area is foreshore land flooded half the year.

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Bagong Lipunan Condominium
Dagat-Dagatan Housing Projects

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