Projects and Programs

During Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos Years from 1966 to 1986 of IRM.



Manila Seedling Bank

In support of the country's reforestation program, Mrs. Marcos founded the seedling Bank to assure a steady supply of seedlings ...
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Marcos Museum

For the President's 60th Birthday in 1977, Mrs. Marcos had the old Marcos house in Sarrat renovated and expanded into ...
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Mass Rail Transit C1

C1 Mass Transportation ...
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Mental Feeding Program

Mrs. Marcos conceived the Mental Feeding Program a complement to the Nutrition Center's effort for the physical well-being of Filipino ...
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Metro Manila Aides

One of Mrs. Marcos' most felicitous ideas when she became Governor of Metropolitan Manila was to employ a force of ...
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Metro Manila Transit

Metro Bus Transport System - Mass Transportation ...
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Metropolitan Museum of Manila

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila was established in October 1976 as part of the First Lady's cultural development program.  It ...
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Metropolitan Theater

On December 1931 Manila Inaugurated the Metropolitan Theater, a striking example of Art Nouveau architecture which was the glittering center ...
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Museum of Philippine Art

October 1976, President and Mrs. Marcos and their daughter Imee at the MOPA's inaugural exhibit viewing a mural by M ...
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