Ferdinand E. Marcos

MarcosA Great Filipino Leader

In the history of Philippine politics, the statesmanship of Ferdinand Edralin Marcos will never be forgotten.

The political world was dazzled by the novelty and brilliance of the bar topnotcher from Ilocos. As a Congressman, he headed and became a member of significant committees.  When he was elected to the upper chamber, he rose to the Senate Presidency. As a legislator – both in the Lower and the Upper House – These fully prepared in seeking the highest office in the land. When he became president, he aimed for the New Society and led the country in achieving successes unparalleled in Philippine annals.

Ferdinand’s political acumen was evident when he dealt with the masses and the elite. His undeniable charm easily drew crowds in his campaign sorties. An eloquent speaker and orator, he brilliantly displayed his ingenious argument and point of views.

The intelligence and insight of Marcos helped him become a true statesman, respected and admired by Filipinos and foreigners alike.

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